Electrical Heating

Electric heating technologies for heat up and temperature maintenance process, enhanced oil recovery, flow assurance, crude oil treatment, transportation, property conservation and direct or indirect heat transfer of industrial processes and the oil and gas industry

Fire Heaters

Heating technologies for direct or indirect fire heat transfer applications with challenging requirements, heavy power demand and high heat transfer efficiency of industrial processes and from the oil and gas industry


Analysis technology specialized in the total determination of hydrocarbon properties through a single analysis system

Fuel Optimization

Technologies for the energy optimization of fuels used in heating, power generation and transport applications.



Tracing 2

Industrial Electrical Heating

Frost Protection
Temperature Maintenance
Heat Up
Oil Field 2

Up & Midstream Heating

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Flow Assurance
Crude Oil Treatment
Heavy Crude Oil Transport
Direct Heating

Direct Fire Heating

Radiant and/or Convection Heaters
Process and Tank Inmersion Heaters
Indirect Heating

Indirect Fire Heating

Heat Exchange Processes

Liquid Hidrocarbons Analysis

Blending & Refining Optimization
Gas Analytic 1A

Gas Analytics

Quality Control
Fuel Optimization

Transport Fuel Optimization

CNG Applications

Diesel Applications


Industrial Fuel Optimization

Electric Generation Applications

Heating Applications


Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a company specialized in advanced technology applications for heating processes, hydrocarbon analysis and energy improvement for the oil and gas industry.
Our Mission

Our Mision

Provide advanced technology applications for productive, analytical and energy efficiency improvement for the oil and gas industry.


Our Vision

Our Vision

Be the main provider company of advanced technology applications in heating, analytics and energy efficiency of the Oil and Gas Industry of Latin America.


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